DOB: 10.11.2000 
Sponsors: PDdist, heroin skateboards, kingpin skate supply Wollongong 
Deck: i like to mix it up i ride from 8.75 to 9.75 different shapes and sizes 
sk8 4 fun sk8 4 life!
Skating Since: I don’t remember not having a skateboard but I have a vhs of me skating from my house to the skatepark in 2003 so I just go off that haha 
fruit salad 
Spot: I like to skate everything 
Skater: Steve Allen, John cardiel 
Trick: BS boneless 
City: Wollongong 
Career Highlight: riding for heroin skateboards PDdist and kingpin 
Other Than Skating: I’m a boilermaker by trade.